I feel that parenting books may have left me unprepared for some of these, but it is never a dull moment.

– My potty training toddler peeing in the fridge (I was there and am STILL scratching my head on how this was accomplished).

– My  one year old climbing up on the couch, over the back, and then standing on a desk laughing at my husband. This was a total shock as she’s barely tall enough to see over the couch cushions and it took her less then 30 seconds to scamper her way up (apparently we breed mini mountain goats).

– My girls inventing a new game I like to call stroller derby…where each one takes a toy stroller and then they run around trying to slam into each other a la bumper cars.

– My oldest dragging in her chair to sit next to me to “rock a baby” as I soothed her sister before bedtime (this one was so heart melting I got all verklempt). Bonus points for her bringing me her sister’s teddy and tucking it under her arms.

I’m finding the joy in having two girls close in age is that they are becoming best friends and are very loving and sweet with each other. Unfortunately, they are also working as a team so I’m pretty much having to be at the top of my game to (try) head them off from any mischief. On the plus side, I am happy to report that if you attach your IKEA furniture to the wall, a dresser drawer will in fact support a one year old and a two year old.


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