Before I had kids, I never thought

That I would cheer for someone when they used the potty and that they would return the favor when they insisted on being present every – single – time –  I used the bathroom. That I would have entire conversations perched on the tub with someone while they pooped (and not have had alcohol been involved) That I would have to ask someone not to stick ping pong balls in my bra. That I […]


It's a Good Thing

I’ve noticed lately that raising a toddler is sort of like living with that creepy kid from the old Twilight Zone show that could wish people into the cornfield. They’re sort of “trying” to do the right thing but sometimes miss it by a mile and you have to walk a fine line between crushing their tiny little spirits and helping them to learn how to do things better without […]


You know you are the mom of a toddler when

– It isn’t weird when someone cheers for you when you go potty. – You start to judge cartoon characters (seriously Wonder Red from Super Why…major issues). – Your toddler learned to share YAY! Unfortunately, it turns out that animal cracker has been sneezed on or previously licked D’OH! – You’ve come up with explanations for natural occurrences that put Mr. Wizard to shame “honey it is ok, thunder isn’t scary, it […]


The Tinkler

After a fun filled day of story time at the local library, playing around the park, and frozen yogurt. I am getting the girls situated when my 2 year old requests some milk (hooray for it not being MILK!! MIIIIILK!!!!! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILK she said please and everything score!!). I told her I would get her some as soon as I got her sister out of the infant carrier and had a […]


Pint-sized Poltergeists

I’m starting to reconsider my stance that having toddlers is like having teenagers and I am thinking now that they are more like poltergeists. I put something down only to have it vanish 15 seconds later and show up in some random location…9/10 the bathroom.  Pre-kids if I lost my keys, I knew that it had to have been someplace that I could find if I retraced my steps. Post […]