Comfy Sack Lounger Review Update 2014

Final Update: I’m not sure what it is about the Comfy Sac, but the foam is just so…uncomfy. There is something about the material that just feels awful and though our kids love jumping on it, as a piece of furniture I’m to the point where I am ready to sell it to just get it out of my house. It is amazing how it is a microfiber like our Love […]


EOS Alice in Wonderland Review

I had to get sneaky to record this review for the EOS Alice in Wonderland lip set. My two year old is going through a lip balm phase where she wants to put on whatever Mama does, but I only let her put on the clear, non shiny balms. I use organic lip products so there is no guilt, but given half a chance she’ll go through almost a container […]


Baby Birthday Boutique

If you are looking for a super cute outfit for your little one to celebrate in, check out Baby Birthday Boutique. My youngest rocked her 1st Birthday party in their Baby Posh Baby’s First Birthday Fluff Onesie. It photographed well and it even survived a cake massacre aka “Cake Smash”.


Boon Flair Highchair Review

It is hard to get truly excited about a high chair. It typically goes like this: insert child into chair, said child makes unholy mess, chair then silently mocks you as you try to scrap pureed pea gunk out of every tiny crevice while you silently curse its existence. We have two high chairs currently and both were used and abused over the span of over a year. It was only after […]