Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Review

When it comes to skincare, I try to limit my exposure to additional chemicals since I’m still breastfeeding though at this rate, I feel like my daughter will be taking my boobs with her to college (apparently she’ll wean when she’s damn well ready and so help me if I have any say in it).  I was surfing on Sephora with a birthday giftcard burning a hole in my pocket […]


EOS Alice in Wonderland Review

I had to get sneaky to record this review for the EOS Alice in Wonderland lip set. My two year old is going through a lip balm phase where she wants to put on whatever Mama does, but I only let her put on the clear, non shiny balms. I use organic lip products so there is no guilt, but given half a chance she’ll go through almost a container […]


Honeybee Gardens Lipstick Review

Here goes my first attempt at a video review and with no eye makeup on to boot (I didn’t want to clash with the lipsticks). Here are the 3 newest lipstick colors from Honeybee Gardens.