Here Comes Mama

I debated on whether or not this post was appropriate to my site, but have decided to risk sounding like a submission from STFU Parents. We finally have gotten our two year old potty trained which is wonderful, except she now wants to have conversations while she’s pooping…which is how THIS little gem was recorded. Considering she actually waves goodbye to all her deposits, I guess I could have tried to control […]



The potty training saga continues. My two year old disappeared into the bathroom to go potty (yay) and then started to shout that the water was coming back (d’oh). I popped my head in and pretty much found a Raving Rabbid brandishing a plunger as she tried to unplug the potty on her own. I give her bonus points for actually known where to find a plunger, that a plunger was the […]


The Tinkler

After a fun filled day of story time at the local library, playing around the park, and frozen yogurt. I am getting the girls situated when my 2 year old requests some milk (hooray for it not being MILK!! MIIIIILK!!!!! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILK she said please and everything score!!). I told her I would get her some as soon as I got her sister out of the infant carrier and had a […]