After a fun filled day of story time at the local library, playing around the park, and frozen yogurt. I am getting the girls situated when my 2 year old requests some milk (hooray for it not being MILK!! MIIIIILK!!!!! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILK she said please and everything score!!). I told her I would get her some as soon as I got her sister out of the infant carrier and had a quick pee.

Her response….”Pee IN the POTTY…OK?”

This was stated in the tone like I’m the one who is leaving mystery puddles around the house (this time the dogs are actually innocent). Hey at least she didn’t inform me that my butt is big much like she did the other week. Which, for the record it is not … no really…I swear…point of fact if my bum gets any flatter I will have to invest in some sort of suspender system since I pretty much moon the Target parking lot at least once a week (yoga pants + squirming toddler = oh hai there sir, enjoy my granny panties).

Two year olds are hella fun sometimes.


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