After my post move hiatus, a few things have changed here in ye old house of the crayon. The super quick answer as to where have I been goes something like this. Started working out at a great gym, discovered Pound (more on that to come), got certified in Pound, started teaching Pound, got my AFAA group fitness certification, started working out more, started running again, started Cycle, got Cycle certified, ran more, and did my first trail 1/2 marathon. Bam…down 2 sizes and in a whole new career direction. As much as I love photography and graphic design, it was going to be difficult starting back up in a new state flush with fantastic photographers, so I decided to do Photography as a hobby and just sort of fell into the fitness industry.

The kiddos are now in preschool and I am starting to carve out some more time for me to keep on writing. So I have a ton of cool things to write about for you, just know that the focus will start to shift towards running and hiking, and other outdoorsy stuff with and without kiddos. Onward!


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