What is up with the name The Random Crayon? The quick answer is that I have 2 daughters and when I started this site, my oldest was mini budding artist and obsessed with crayons (this has since been replaced with glitter, the herpes of crafting supplies). She also had the unfortunate habit of hiding them around the house like easter eggs and so I was constantly finding crayons in awkward places since she squirreled them away. Now her partner in crime has joined in the crayon fiesta and I will be finding these darn things still until they go to college.

Why so serious?

I guess I could get all deep and wax freshman year creative writing in finding a deeper meaning and say that the other reason is that I’m into a lot of stuff (besides being a Mom and all) so my interests are very random. Photography, writing, teaching Group Fit, running, and drinking of the wine, etc etc…but to be honest the site was named because I’m always finding crayons in my shoes.

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