Preschool Logic

So…why are you guys swordfighting in your underwear? Oh you are Jake and Izzy…um don’t they wear pants?  They don’t? I’m pretty sure I saw pants on them….ok fine but stop waggling your booty in the window. Why won’t you try any fruits and veggies? Because only babies eat them? Oh…so you’ll be a baby tomorrow and then you’ll try a carrot…um… Yes, I did say you ate fruits and […]


Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel Review

I had been running with handhelds and realized that I had my first trail race around the corner and the last thing I wanted to do was to have something in my hands (that’s what she said). This was mostly because the last training run I did, I tripped over a tree root when I jumped over a stream and nearly broke my wrist trying to not land on my […]


Breaktime is Over

After my post move hiatus, a few things have changed here in ye old house of the crayon. The super quick answer as to where have I been goes something like this. Started working out at a great gym, discovered Pound (more on that to come), got certified in Pound, started teaching Pound, got my AFAA group fitness certification, started working out more, started running again, started Cycle, got Cycle […]


Fitbit Flex Review Updated:

Updated: My Flex died less then two moths later. The unit stopped charging. Since Fitbit’s customer service requires you to mail the old one in and wait for a new one to get mailed back, I’ll be without any of my data for the immediate future, which means I’ll have the colored bands here but no actual Fitbit. I no longer recommend this product and changed my mind in purchasing […]


Beauty I Can't Be Without

1. Lavinila Healthy Deodorant I stumbled on this at Whole Foods and after much hemming and hawing at plunking down 14 bucks on pit stick, I decided to give it a go. Paraben and Aluminum free I was 99% sure it would end up banished to my medicine cabinet with the rest of stink inducing failures that I’ve tried (Tom’s of Maine, I’m looking at you). I was blown away […]


Welcome to the Toddler Thunderdome

Dear past me, when you had this mental image of your sweet girls holding hands and playing dolls together? Yeah…have fun with that. My girls are now 3 1/2 and 2 and some days they do play well together and I look at them fondly and think “we should TOTALLY have a 3rd” (my husband says nay) and then they sprout little horns under their halos and start fighting like […]


I <3 BOB

Last week as I took the girls for a run around the 4.5 mile lake trail near our home, it occurred to me that while I ruminated on our used strollers, I never actually wrote a review for our current stroller now. So what did we end up going with? We caved and sold the City Mini and bought the BOB SE duallie and never looked back. Places where we’ve […]


2 Year old Honey Badger

Ah the terrific twos. Something we didn’t really appreciate so much when we had a two year old and an infant. It seems the differences between my first born and my second are so much more apparent with a 3 year old and a 2 year old. We fondly call our 2 year old Honey Badger since at 2 year old, Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit. 3 year old: […]


Hooray for Hurraw!

I started using Hurraw! when I discovered their amazing black cherry tinted lip balm at Wegmans. Since then I had moved through the coconut lip balm and was pondering what other colors were available when a swift Google opened me to the wonders of their website . Made with all natural, vegan, and raw ingredients, these lip balms are in a word…amazing. My go to favorite is the black cherry which […]


Comfy Sack Lounger Review Update 2014

Final Update: I’m not sure what it is about the Comfy Sac, but the foam is just so…uncomfy. There is something about the material that just feels awful and though our kids love jumping on it, as a piece of furniture I’m to the point where I am ready to sell it to just get it out of my house. It is amazing how it is a microfiber like our Love […]