Last week as I took the girls for a run around the 4.5 mile lake trail near our home, it occurred to me that while I ruminated on our used strollers, I never actually wrote a review for our current stroller now. So what did we end up going with? We caved and sold the City Mini and bought the BOB SE duallie and never looked back.

Places where we’ve taken BOB:

1. Disney World (we used a stroller lock and never had to worry about someone stealing it, though Disney employees were able to still move it as needed).

2. The mall

3. Every kind of trail from smooth to holy crap this hill may kill me.

4. On the Metro

5. To Museums and the National Zoo

6. To a Con

We clearly travel light

We clearly travel light

The only issue we’ve had in over a year  and a half with ours is that the bolts have fallen out of the canopy between the girls seat and we’ve had to order replacements…twice. I’m not sure why that has happened but I do run on some pretty bumpy trails so possibly they’re just shaking out? I can literally run on most of the trails one handed using the leash which is amazing considering that I’m pushing 60 pounds of kiddos.

It gets easily through 90% of doors and the canopy is great for shielding the kids from the sun. It also seems to be the popular stroller for the NOVA area. It does take up a lot of our hatchback but we’re still able to cram groceries around it.

Seeing the sites in DC

Seeing the sites in DC

BOB has been there for many happy family memories and we’ve never regretting our purchase once. The girls love it and we love it.


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