Beauty I Can't Be Without

1. Lavinila Healthy Deodorant I stumbled on this at Whole Foods and after much hemming and hawing at plunking down 14 bucks on pit stick, I decided to give it a go. Paraben and Aluminum free I was 99% sure it would end up banished to my medicine cabinet with the rest of stink inducing failures that I’ve tried (Tom’s of Maine, I’m looking at you). I was blown away […]


I <3 BOB

Last week as I took the girls for a run around the 4.5 mile lake trail near our home, it occurred to me that while I ruminated on our used strollers, I never actually wrote a review for our current stroller now. So what did we end up going with? We caved and sold the City Mini and bought the BOB SE duallie and never looked back. Places where we’ve […]


Hooray for Hurraw!

I started using Hurraw! when I discovered their amazing black cherry tinted lip balm at Wegmans. Since then I had moved through the coconut lip balm and was pondering what other colors were available when a swift Google opened me to the wonders of their website . Made with all natural, vegan, and raw ingredients, these lip balms are in a word…amazing. My go to favorite is the black cherry which […]


Comfy Sack Lounger Review Update 2014

Final Update: I’m not sure what it is about the Comfy Sac, but the foam is just so…uncomfy. There is something about the material that just feels awful and though our kids love jumping on it, as a piece of furniture I’m to the point where I am ready to sell it to just get it out of my house. It is amazing how it is a microfiber like our Love […]


Awesome Con DC

Know what happens when 2 geeks meet and fall in love and produce 2 geeklings? Eventually you expose them to their first Con, which for us will be Awesome Con DC. Considering that my 3 year old begs to watch Futurama and has dubbed Batman Beyond as “cute”, I’m thinking this is going to be an epic event for Crayon Casa. Awesome Con DC Is Almost Here WASHINGTON, D.C., April […]



I’ve officially become the sort of yuppie asshole parent that waits in line for 3 hours just to see the “good” Santa. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that there WAS such a thing as a 3-4 hour wait to see Santa except in that scene in A Christmas Story. We had heard that the Mall at Millenia Santa was the best and that the lines could be long. […]


A Petrified Forest Family Day Review

Ok, I tend to admit I’m not the most patient woman in the world when it comes to frying like bacon in the sun. So, this review may be slightly tainted due to the fact that while the hours of this event were listed from 9am-12pm, they didn’t let us in until 9:25. So we were waiting in a line built with ramshackle boards and rusty nails that stuck out sharp side […]


Scott's Maze Adventure Review

Around fall I start to yearn for all things… well… not Florida. I want changes of seasons, changes of leaves, and the ability to wear my boots. However, since these are all things not found in this particular corner (also known as America’s Wang), I’ve been dragging the family to seasonal things trying my hardest to enjoy my favorite time of year. Back in the days of yore (pre-kids) we […]


EOS Alice in Wonderland Review

I had to get sneaky to record this review for the EOS Alice in Wonderland lip set. My two year old is going through a lip balm phase where she wants to put on whatever Mama does, but I only let her put on the clear, non shiny balms. I use organic lip products so there is no guilt, but given half a chance she’ll go through almost a container […]


Honeybee Gardens Lipstick Review

Here goes my first attempt at a video review and with no eye makeup on to boot (I didn’t want to clash with the lipsticks). Here are the 3 newest lipstick colors from Honeybee Gardens.