So…why are you guys swordfighting in your underwear? Oh you are Jake and Izzy…um don’t they wear pants? ¬†They don’t? I’m pretty sure I saw pants on them….ok fine but stop waggling your booty in the window.

Why won’t you try any fruits and veggies? Because only babies eat them? Oh…so you’ll be a baby tomorrow and then you’ll try a carrot…um… Yes, I did say you ate fruits and veggies as a baby but that doesn’t mean they’re only baby food. You’re sister eats them! Mommy and Daddy eat them…no Cliff bars are not a fruit.

You’re building a trap? OOOOOOOk….what are we trapping? Squirrels…do we have a lot of squirrels in the living room? How do my shoes, a jack in the box, 2 pillows, 3 books, a towel, a water bottle, and underpants figure into the trapping of said squirrels?

Why are you covered in markers? Oh…tattoos…yes JoJo did give Fancy Nancy’s doll a tattoo. I think the moral of the story was not to give tattoos. Is that why you have a pirate map on your leg?

What are you guys up to? Barking? At squirrels? Yes, I think the squirrels might realize you’re not actually puppies. Now please put some pants on.


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