Preschool Logic

So…why are you guys swordfighting in your underwear? Oh you are Jake and Izzy…um don’t they wear pants?  They don’t? I’m pretty sure I saw pants on them….ok fine but stop waggling your booty in the window. Why won’t you try any fruits and veggies? Because only babies eat them? Oh…so you’ll be a baby tomorrow and then you’ll try a carrot…um… Yes, I did say you ate fruits and […]


Welcome to the Toddler Thunderdome

Dear past me, when you had this mental image of your sweet girls holding hands and playing dolls together? Yeah…have fun with that. My girls are now 3 1/2 and 2 and some days they do play well together and I look at them fondly and think “we should TOTALLY have a 3rd” (my husband says nay) and then they sprout little horns under their halos and start fighting like […]


2 Year old Honey Badger

Ah the terrific twos. Something we didn’t really appreciate so much when we had a two year old and an infant. It seems the differences between my first born and my second are so much more apparent with a 3 year old and a 2 year old. We fondly call our 2 year old Honey Badger since at 2 year old, Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit. 3 year old: […]


Kids meet Con

Considering I have a piles of graphic novels, walls full of eclectic art, and a plethora of “toys” it was no surprise that my girls would start to become interested in all things awesome too. My 3 year old has dubbed Batman (Batman Beyond) as “cute” and she has an innate knowledge of superheros that extend far beyond our Netflix queue.  So it was with minimal arm twisting that I convinced my husband (who owns […]


You Know You're a Stay at Home Mom When

– You’ve had a conversation why pants must be worn in public. This conversation is usually preceded by a plea to put on underwear. – A solo trip to Target feels like a spa day – You know entirely too many animated character’s backstories and why is it that Dora is wearing a shirt that is like 2 sizes too small? – You find yourself getting into excellent shape since the gym […]


An apology

Dear neighbors, I know we’re new and we’re trying to get used to this whole town house thing and as such there has been a learning curve in living so close to other people. My girls LOVE the bay window and as I’m sure as you have noticed….have not figured out that dancing naked on the window seat is not shall we say…proper. The same goes for the 2nd story […]


From the mouth of babes

My two year old will be hitting the big 3 on Christmas Day and has started spouting some of the most hilarious and gut wrenching things ever. After falling down in the park. “And I was having such a great day, Mommy will you make me happy again?” She kills me sometimes. Bathroom Privacy Me: “Honey Mommy is trying to potty.” Her: “That’s ok, we’ll sit here and watch you.” […]


Shady Kirby

As a mom of two toddlers, we do a nap time avoidance dance of epic proportions every afternoon. I time naps around deliveries so that the dog won’t bark while they’re sleeping and if he’s in a particular vocal mood, I pop him in the master bath so he won’t go all Cujo if a squirrel lays foot in our yard. So you can image that I was less then pleased when […]


Why I love Coffee

8:30 pm First attempt at getting kids in bed 9:00 pm Kids still playing (via monitor) 9:15 pm “Is she in her sister’s crib? Wait, are they jumping in the crib?” Dispatch husband to put kids back in their beds since my appearance only makes youngest (15 months) realize that she really wants some boobs dammit. 9:45 pm Still playing 10:00 pm Kids out 11:00pm Mom and Dad collapse 1:00 […]


A Petrified Forest Family Day Review

Ok, I tend to admit I’m not the most patient woman in the world when it comes to frying like bacon in the sun. So, this review may be slightly tainted due to the fact that while the hours of this event were listed from 9am-12pm, they didn’t let us in until 9:25. So we were waiting in a line built with ramshackle boards and rusty nails that stuck out sharp side […]