My two year old will be hitting the big 3 on Christmas Day and has started spouting some of the most hilarious and gut wrenching things ever.

After falling down in the park.
“And I was having such a great day, Mommy will you make me happy again?” She kills me sometimes.

Bathroom Privacy

Me: “Honey Mommy is trying to potty.”

Her: “That’s ok, we’ll sit here and watch you.”


Her: “Mommy do you love me?”

Me: “Of course baby, more then there are starts in the sky.”

Her: “The sun’s up so there aren’t any stars.”

On having a Christmas Birthday

Her: “Mommy where is Jessie?” (Toy Story)

Me: “We don’t have Jessie hun, maybe you should ask Santa for her.”

Her:  “Santa will bring her to me… Where is Dog (Slinky Dog)? Ohhhh I know, he is in Santa’s sleigh…he comes on my birthday you know.”


Her: “I want ballet.”

Me: “Would you like to take dance lessons?”

Her: “NO, JUST ballet.”

Me: “Ok we can see if I can find ballet classes for you?”

Her: “I want to step, twirl,and spin.”



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