As a mom of two toddlers, we do a nap time avoidance dance of epic proportions every afternoon. I time naps around deliveries so that the dog won’t bark while they’re sleeping and if he’s in a particular vocal mood, I pop him in the master bath so he won’t go all Cujo if a squirrel lays foot in our yard.

So you can image that I was less then pleased when my doorbell rang and two youngish kids (because anyone under 30 is now a kid to me) were shilling free carpeting shampooing from Kirby vaccums. I told them not only did we NOT have carpeting but they had interupted nap time. They still attempted to get me to let them in to polish my floors or grout or whatever other services they offer (I was seething in squirrly rage that my kids were now crying from waking up angry). At this point my dog is sticking his head out of the door and barking at them, my kids are full on bawling because they had just fallen asleep and I’m more then a litte annoyed. I told them AGAIN that they had woken my kids up and to please leave, we weren’t interested and they went on their way (finally).

Or so I thought, apparently these scammers not only had researched my name, but they apparently went around and told my neighbors that I had booked a carpet cleaning with them. How is this even legal? I went and looked up what a Kirby was after they left and from what I gathered they are over priced and hideous vacuum cleaners. If I wanted to over pay on a vacuum, I’d get a Dyson, thanks.


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