8:30 pm First attempt at getting kids in bed

9:00 pm Kids still playing (via monitor)

9:15 pm “Is she in her sister’s crib? Wait, are they jumping in the crib?” Dispatch husband to put kids back in their beds since my appearance only makes youngest (15 months) realize that she really wants some boobs dammit.

9:45 pm Still playing

10:00 pm Kids out

11:00pm Mom and Dad collapse

1:00 am Soft whimpers…crap do you think they’ll fall back asleep?

1:15 am SCORE! zzzzzzzzzzzz

4:00am Oldest wants to climb into bed with Mommy which means Daddy vacates to Comfy sack in living room

4:15 am BOOBS DAMMIT!!!

4:30 am MORE BOOBS

4:45 am Mommy and boobs and baby collapse on couch with Daddy on Comfy Sack and oldest in Queen size bed to herself

4:45 – 7:45 am Sleep (ish) while BOOBS!!! Mommy wakes up with head in unatural position and shivering, this is when Mommy notices that 15 month old has stopped actually nursing and has at some point decided to clamp down on one nipple like a dog on a bone and WILL NOT FREAKING LET GO.

7:50 am Shower time and blissful amounts of coffe


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