Considering I have a piles of graphic novels, walls full of eclectic art, and a plethora of “toys” it was no surprise that my girls would start to become interested in all things awesome too. My 3 year old has dubbed Batman (Batman Beyond) as “cute” and she has an innate knowledge of superheros that extend far beyond our Netflix queue.  So it was with minimal arm twisting that I convinced my husband (who owns the Batman stack of afore mentioned graphic novels) to bring the girls to their first con.

There really is something for everyone at Awesome Con DC with media guests including Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Ernie Hudson  (Ghostbusters), Phil LaMarr and Billy West (Futurama), and Theodus Crane (The Walking Dead). Interests run the gamut from anime to zombies. There is a full schedule for the adults as well as the kids with a special room dedicated to “Kids Are Awesome” where there is an all day art station, children’s book reading, kids’ costume contest, as well as art shows and games.

After a busy morning running laps up and down the halls waiting for the doors to open (while yours truly got to take photos of some of the costumes), my niblets were thrilled to be happily ensconced with coloring while I got a chance to check out the exhibitors. Some of my favorites included Learning with Zombies where I picked up A Baby’s First Book of Zombies (c’mon how could I possibly pass on that?) Quiltoni (her Spiderman quilt is great), and Octopus Tree House (who also designed the VIP T-shirt of which I currently covet). I could have easily spent hours delving into all the varieties of comics and graphic novels available and the selection of everything from costumes to shirts was well..awesome.

I’ve noticed a theme at cons and it is a sense of community, no matter what genre you are into. At one point, my 3 year old demanded to wear her Batman shirt and cape instead of her Superman dress and then gleefully asked us to take her up to everyone she saw wearing Batman shirts or costumes so she could proudly point to her own shirt and twirl with her cape. Every single Batman acknowledged her, which thrilled her to pieces. She would also ask me to take photos of her favorite costumes and though she got a little shy over posing for a photo with them herself, she eventually got over some of her shyness to take one with a very patient Spiderman and Superman.

Awesome Con DC, runs through Sunday the 21st, so if you are looking for something to do with the family, I definitely recommend it. Check their site out for the schedule of events including a Futurama panel.


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