– You’ve had a conversation why pants must be worn in public. This conversation is usually preceded by a plea to put on underwear.

– A solo trip to Target feels like a spa day

– You know entirely too many animated character’s backstories and why is it that Dora is wearing a shirt that is like 2 sizes too small?

– You find yourself getting into excellent shape since the gym has great childcare and it is the only place you can catch up on your reading, albeit on an elliptical. Bonus points for also being able to shower and take a poop without interruption.

– You only dispense band aids if there is blood. A sibling staring at your arm, does NOT warrant one.

– You have dress yoga pants.

– The biggest reason why you are a fan of UGGs and flip flops is because you have given up on having matching socks ever again (unless they come new from the package) because the tiny humans seem to have hidden them (or used them as sock puppets).

-You haven’t gotten your hair cut in over a year.


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