Dear neighbors,

I know we’re new and we’re trying to get used to this whole town house thing and as such there has been a learning curve in living so close to other people. My girls LOVE the bay window and as I’m sure as you have noticed….have not figured out that dancing naked on the window seat is not shall we say…proper. The same goes for the 2nd story kitchen windows and my 3 year old’s reluctance to put on underpants. Ok and I must admit…I forget that my back window of my room is no longer facing my fenced in yard and I may have streaked across the bedroom like a yetti (if the yetti was sporting pancake boobs and stretch marks). I swear we’re not a naked house…we do own pants. It is just that said pants seem to have to come up from a basement laundry room and 2 flights of stairs can be a heck of a long walk….just saying. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have laughed my ass off at this.

Ok, I’m quasi sorry…have I mentioned we’re just renting?


The Crayon


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