I <3 BOB

Last week as I took the girls for a run around the 4.5 mile lake trail near our home, it occurred to me that while I ruminated on our used strollers, I never actually wrote a review for our current stroller now. So what did we end up going with? We caved and sold the City Mini and bought the BOB SE duallie and never looked back. Places where we’ve […]


Boon Flair Highchair Review

It is hard to get truly excited about a high chair. It typically goes like this: insert child into chair, said child makes unholy mess, chair then silently mocks you as you try to scrap pureed pea gunk out of every tiny crevice while you silently curse its existence. We have two high chairs currently and both were used and abused over the span of over a year. It was only after […]


Sippy Cup of Win

I’ve been through about a bajillion sippy cups that have purported to have been “spill proof”. Typically, they are…so long as my kids don’t actually use them. We’ve been using these Nuk Gerber Graduates sippy cups for over a year now and after my latest batch was delivered (somehow they disappear around our house quicker then socks) I realized how awesome these cups really are.  True they are BPA free and easy […]


City Mini Double Stroller Update

In last week’s used stroller update I was pretty excited about the City Mini Double. However, after using it for another week, I’ve found some things that are pretty much deal-breakers with this stroller. The City is great if you are going to be going on flat smooth pavement or to the mall, etc. I was taking my girls for a walk around the neighborhood and had to go from the […]


Used Stroller Roundup

Despite my pining for a BOB Revolution SE Duallie, I decided a couple of weeks back that I was indeed too much of a cheap bastard to plunk down $500+ for a freaking stroller. I decided to compromise and get a used dual stroller and and then a jogging stroller of some type. I was happy to find a second hand Baby Jogger City Mini Double on Craig’s list for about […]


We Love Teething Bling

Our family has been steadfast fans of Smart Mom jewelry since the birth of our first daughter, when I started to get nervous when she tried to eat my jewelry. On some of my funkier pieces I was afraid of the questionable lead content and on my Tiffany & Co, I was afraid of her teeth content (either way something had to give). We started out with a few bangles […]