Our family has been steadfast fans of Smart Mom jewelry since the birth of our first daughter, when I started to get nervous when she tried to eat my jewelry. On some of my funkier pieces I was afraid of the questionable lead content and on my Tiffany & Co, I was afraid of her teeth content (either way something had to give). We started out with a few bangles and a couple of necklaces which has in the past two years grown considerably since now my toddler daughter likes to wear them now as well (translation, all my Bling has been stolen by her since she uses the word “share” as the ultimate trump card).

My oldest was nice enough to "share" with me her red shimmer for this photo

 I was also honored to be a blog contributor for them a couple of times (check out their awesome blog here) and cannot say enough nice things about the company as a whole…long story short I’m totally biased on how awesome they are. So when I got hold of one of their newest necklaces, I was surprised on how much I loved this version the best out of all their jewelry so far (even though the shimmer line is a close second).

The triangle is a really sweet looking piece of jewelry. My husband, who is not exactly Tim Gunn, picked up the Onyx triangle and commented on how cool it was without even realizing it was Teething Bling (and he has worn many a Bling to please our daughter…he looked smashing in a hot pink heart just the other day). My teething 7 month old noms the heck out of this one as it seems to reach the back gums perfectly and I love that it looks pretty sweet when I wear skinny jeans and boots. Granted, my 2 year old has sent me to several time outs because I’m not sharing this one with her, but I think my punishment is worth being able to wear something this stylish while keeping by 7 month old barracuda..er I mean baby at bay.


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