It is hard to get truly excited about a high chair. It typically goes like this: insert child into chair, said child makes unholy mess, chair then silently mocks you as you try to scrap pureed pea gunk out of every tiny crevice while you silently curse its existence. We have two high chairs currently and both were used and abused over the span of over a year. It was only after we had our new/old antique kitchen table delivered (hooray Craigslist) and I decided to rearrange my kitchen, that I realized how truly awesome my Boon Flair highchair is and I will never take it for granted again.

First off the specs are:

  • Five-point harness and safety post
  • Single-step braking system
  • Six urethane casters to protect floors, glides smoothly in all directions
  • Seat height range: 21″-26.25″, tray height range: 26.25″-31.5″

What this means is that the chair is super easy to move around the kitchen, which we never really tested until the chair was no longer squished in a corner behind our old table. Our toddler though thinks it is the greatest invention ever and now uses it to push her sister closer to her seat because they make messes much more efficiently that way.

The styling is very sleek and sort of futuristic, which at first I sort of though went again my stylistic roots (I’m a sucker for Mission style) but it actually really works with even our 100 year old Oak table. The seat insert comes right off and is really easy to clean and there aren’t any nooks and crannies for food to get stuck on.

Last week I was convinced that the chair was going to be permanently stained in an event I like to call “Yes, let’s absolutely feed the baby marinara sauce and witness what looks like a Zombie movie aftermath”. Due to a chain of events, I like to call parenthood, I totally forgot to clean off the chair until the next morning.  It regrettably looked like my darling daughter had nommed on brains instead of organic pasta sauce.  Considering I have the Coconut and Tangerine (ie white with the orange seat) I thought I was pretty much doomed to have a splotchy looking high chair. However, either fortune smiled upon me (until later when pasta met diaper) or this chair was extremely well made, as it looks brand spanking new.

Have I mentioned that we’ve had this over a year now?

The tray covers fit easily in my dishwasher, althoughI don’t think the tray itself is supposed to go in the dishwasher however, my husband “helped” a couple of times so I can state that ours at least survived to tell the tale. The pneumatic lift is handy…especially for when my daughter wants to try to “launch” her sister in the air…I give her bonus points for creativity at any rate.

The chair can easily fit at our table, but we have it up as high as it can go to try to keep it out of dog reach. Gee…I wonder why.

No I have no idea why the dog is getting fat. Why do you ask?


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