The Culprit
I’m inherently lazy so when we started childproofing we were faced with either drilling tiny holes in our drawers and cabinets or slapping on a Ikea Patrull Multilock. Since my walls are probably 99% patching compound from my indecisive picture hanging abilities (mixed with a stubborn tendency to eyeball all my measurements), the thought of drilling holes into my cabinetry sounded like a disaster waiting to happen, so we went with the  Patrull since they were tape based and pretty easy to install. They worked great for a year or so, then a couple of them stopped….well childproofing.
The problem was now I had these big plastic things on my freaking cabinets and I was afraid I was going to ruin them. So I turned to Dr. Google where I found out that Patrull loosely translates to “hope you kept the instructions”.  With a little experimenting I managed to find a super fast and easy way to pop these suckers off and because I’m a glutton for punishment, I just replaced them with the same thing.
You’ll need a sharpish knife (one that you don’t care if it gets a little sticky), a butter knife, and some Goo Gone (maybe).
First, put the sharp knife flush to the Patrull and work it around the edges to losten it up. Be VERY careful (stabbing yourself in the hand = bad).
Once you have gotten the edges free a little, you can use the butter knife to separate the plastic front from the foam.

Behold my butter knife ninja skills

Then just gently twist the plastic from the foam and it should easily pop off. You can either rub the foam that is left with your fingers or use the Goo Gone to remove the adhesive.


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