In last week’s used stroller update I was pretty excited about the City Mini Double. However, after using it for another week, I’ve found some things that are pretty much deal-breakers with this stroller. The City is great if you are going to be going on flat smooth pavement or to the mall, etc. I was taking my girls for a walk around the neighborhood and had to go from the sidewalk to the street since our neighborhood has short driveways and a car was blocking the sidewalk (the City is no good on grass). Due to an odd chain of events, the left front wheel had gone down the gentle curb with no problem, but since they are small wheels, the right spun around free and hit the left wheel, thus locking them together and causing my stroller to almost flip over! Luckily both niblets were strapped in so they were a little scared but not hurt. This combined with the fact that it doesn’t do great on any other surfaces is pretty much ensuring that we’ll be going with a BOB duallie for sure.


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