$100 Boon Giveaway on Facebook

Boon’s hosting a contest over at their Facebook page, if you want a chance to win $100 in Boon Feeding Product, check out http://bit.ly/boonfearless. SHOW US YOUR MODSTER FACE! Boon’s new MODSTER sippy cup is now available at Target. This little guy is scary cute, and we think your little guy (or girl) will think so too! So, we are asking you to share a photo of your Fearless Drinker […]


Fashion Fail

Before I was a mom, I used to have this thing called “style” or at least my variation of it. Once upon a time I scoured fashion magazines and bought myself all manner of shoes, clothes, and general accruements of being a woman (as opposed to a mom). I noticed after my first daughter was born that this started me on slightly cheaper track since I knew that anything I was going […]



Me and my bed are done professionally. My husband jokes that I’m a princess (as in Princess and the Pea) since the slightest bump in our mattress launches me into a diatribe of moaning and pummeling of said mattress until the offending lump can be removed. Lately, me and my husband have been having a difference in temperatures as well. I want to snuggle under 2 or 3 blankets and he’s sweating through a […]


City Mini Double Stroller Update

In last week’s used stroller update I was pretty excited about the City Mini Double. However, after using it for another week, I’ve found some things that are pretty much deal-breakers with this stroller. The City is great if you are going to be going on flat smooth pavement or to the mall, etc. I was taking my girls for a walk around the neighborhood and had to go from the […]


Used Stroller Roundup

Despite my pining for a BOB Revolution SE Duallie, I decided a couple of weeks back that I was indeed too much of a cheap bastard to plunk down $500+ for a freaking stroller. I decided to compromise and get a used dual stroller and and then a jogging stroller of some type. I was happy to find a second hand Baby Jogger City Mini Double on Craig’s list for about […]


The World According to BOB

I’ve been living in denial since the birth of my second daughter back in July. Having amassed an arsenal of 3 different strollers after the birth of my first daughter, the thought of upgrading to a double stroller was less then appealing. We looked at a couple right before our family vacation and the choices in stores were less then stellar…you had the sit and stand (which is less then […]