I’ve been living in denial since the birth of my second daughter back in July. Having amassed an arsenal of 3 different strollers after the birth of my first daughter, the thought of upgrading to a double stroller was less then appealing. We looked at a couple right before our family vacation and the choices in stores were less then stellar…you had the sit and stand (which is less then optimal for a toddler) and the always super attractive double stroller which sits the kids in a line and has the turning radius of pushing a bear on roller skates. So I’ve been wearing my youngest and using the single stroller as much as possible. That was until a good friend of mine introduced me to her friend BOB. Don’t get me wrong, as a Mom I have heard of BOB strollers but pretty much dismissed it as something that woman who had designer diaper bags purchased.  Heck, when our oldest was born, we had a Timbuk2 messenger bag designated as a diaper bag so that my husband didn’t feel de-masculated from carrying a girlie bag and hell if I was going to drop a penny more on something to hold wipes and cream (sidebar…I now have 5 diaper bags and my husband will readily carry the one with flowers since with two daughters, the females in the family have won the battle).

This costs more then a month's rent at my first apartment.

After giving my friend’s BOB a test push, (that’s what she said) I became a convert and realized that I too had to have a BOB. Here we have my predicament…I want a BOB duallie but the MSRP on these things are $659. Granted I’ve found them for less on some sites, but with the parents console, snack trays, etc…it will still be 600-700 total. I like shiny stuff and all but there is a nagging part of my brain that won’t stop comparing the price of things to BOB. When we redid the floors in our house that was the equivalent to 7 BOBs. Braces for an adult for almost 2 years – 5 BOBs.  The birth of my second child after insurance – 2 BOBs. My DSLR without lens – a BOB and a half. My favorite Dooney & Bourke bag is only a 1/4 BOB. I could easily get 5 Ju Ju Be diaper bags for the price of a BOB (I’m kidding honey, I would never buy another 5 diaper bags…I’m pretty sure). I thought about getting one used, but let’s be honest that kids are disgusting. I love my babies very much but they are admittedly pooping, peeing, puking, food smearing, adorable germ machines, but they’re my pooping, peeing, puking, food smearing, adorable germ machines so while their messes are in fact gross…they’re mine and I can look past it. I however, cannot get past the mental block that someone else’s kid could have (ok DEFINITELY has) violated a stroller that I’m still going to shell out 400 or more for used.

I’m starting to get to the justification point though. I’ve got a laundry list of reasons why having a BOB would improve my life:

  • I’m training for a triathalon and I could take the girls on my long runs.
  • I could walk the dogs AND the kids at the same time since it pushes with only one finger.
  • Putting my youngest in a stroller instead of the baby carrier would mean less Cheerios in my bra.
  • On family outings we wouldn’t have to each push a stroller.
  • A BOB is easier to load in my CRV then a double wagon
  • If I buy a dual stroller AND a jogging stroller that is pretty much the price of a BOB right there
  • My husband will stop having to hear me compare everything to BOBs.
  • They hold their resell value very well (better then my house in fact).
  • I would probably knock over less items in public then when I am wearing a baby in the front, a backpack, and then pushing a stroller (I need a sherpa).


Any other Mama’s who own one want to weigh in?



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