You know the famous quote from Albert Einstein, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, this is what happens when I try to do a shoot  with my oldest. She is very used to being photographed since I use have used her as a model lots of times, plus the fact that I’m pretty much glued to my camera trying to capture every adorable thing the girls ever attempt, in addition to getting blackmail pics for the future should they ever smite me in their teenage years (muah ha ha). I like shooting kids in more natural environments and I try to get shots of them as they play or run, etc. My daughter seems to have figured this out and turns it into a game of “run away from Mom” in which she makes darn well sure not to face the camera or run toward me…ever.

See Niblet...See Niblet Run....away from Mom!

This is followed by a series of photos in which she looks one of the Children of the Corn.

Don't worry, her aim is crap

She finally gets board with running away and scowling and starts smiling and having fun! Except now she has somehow picked up a random straw from the ground and is brandishing it with gusto.

Best Toy Ever!

Finally after about 30 min of running around like a maniac after her I pretty much give up and see what I can salvage in Aperture.

I love the upside down sunglasses

Cropped to remove straw LOL

This does not bode well for my next attempt at shooting my 2 year old with her 7 month old  (and fully mobile) sister. I’m starting to see the draw of using a studio setting…at least the escape attempts are controlled a bit more LOL.


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