Me and my bed are done professionally. My husband jokes that I’m a princess (as in Princess and the Pea) since the slightest bump in our mattress launches me into a diatribe of moaning and pummeling of said mattress until the offending lump can be removed. Lately, me and my husband have been having a difference in temperatures as well. I want to snuggle under 2 or 3 blankets and he’s sweating through a sheet. So I dragged our LoveSac PillowSac off its rocker and have been sleeping on it for the past week which I hadn’t done since I co-slept on it with the baby while we were trying to transition her sister from crib to toddler bed.

We love this fabric

The great thing about the PillowSac is that when you take it out of its cover, it folds out to a full sized “guest rest” but me being short (and lazy) I just flop it on the floor and throw my duvet on top of it and sleep on top of that… essentially I build myself a nest. The kids LOVE jumping on it…thus totally screwing up my little Mommy ass groove. Since the kids have declared the furniture their indoor playground, we are considering getting something similar to add to our living room, so that we can have a piece of furniture that they are encouraged to flop around on instead of the couch.

As much as we puffy heart our LoveSac, they are admittedly on the pricey side and the reason we went with the Pillow Sac originally is that it is a lot safer in our room then in the living room where the tiny humans are going to spill, jump, and due to potty training more then likely eventually pee on (plus I really loved the fabric). LoveSac has some of the best customer service ever and their products are amazing, its just that a 1 year old and a 2 year old (and our crazy pants dog) are bound to put anything through its paces.

So right now, we are considering Comfy Sacks since they have a 6 foot lounger which would fit our living area space a little bit better since it is not round and is a lot cheaper. I’d love to go with their huge 7.5 foot lounger but that is even longer then our current couch and since we’re a pretty short family, the 6 foot is (in theory) should be plenty of room for any of us to lay on. So for the past couple of weeks, we’ve hemmed and hawed about all the different sizes and fabrics and colors and hopefully will be able to make a decision while they’re still on sale. Anyone have any experience with Comfy Sacks?

Comfy Sack 6 foot Micro Suede Lounger


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