I for the most part do not get other moms (or other women in general). I get along better with men then women which is part of the reason me and my husband get along so freaking well. My idea of a chick flick is a Jason Statham movie (preferably where he appears sans shirt of course) and I love playing video games and I will always wrest over the decision of sparkly versus technology, which is why I have an anniversary iPhone.

Today, I took the girls to a play day at a local gymnastics place. We were in the crowded changing room to do a quick diaper check when we passed a women who was calling her son that had the same name as my youngest daughter. I smiled and said “awe that is her name too” and bounced the baby a little. The other mom took a look at me and sniffed “well I’ve never heard of a GIRL having that name before”.

Granted, her name can be used for both boys and girls and to be honest, but we’ve seen a couple boys with her name out and about and the other moms have always thought it was kind of funny. This women just seemed downright pissed off. Both my girls have names that could be construed as male or female but both names are skewing more towards being more popular with girls then boys which, does happen (Ashley for instance was more of a boy’s name in the past). The way this women acted, you would have thought I named my daughter, Butch or Bubba or something.

Anyway, the girls had a blast playing, but I noticed that most the moms tended to form little cliques and were way less friendly then the other moms are at the park. I’m fairly new to being in the realm of the stay at home mom, but I’ve noticed that there seems to be a caste system associated in some circles regarding diaper bags, strollers, and preschools. I’m more then a little bemused when I overhear other mothers talk about their 2 year old’s program for being home schooled or their¬†prestigious¬†preschool. Sure I have a program, it is called if she is wearing pants when we make it out the door, I’m calling it a win.


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