I’m starting to reconsider my stance that having toddlers is like having teenagers and I am thinking now that they are more like poltergeists. I put something down only to have it vanish 15 seconds later and show up in some random location…9/10 the bathroom.  Pre-kids if I lost my keys, I knew that it had to have been someplace that I could find if I retraced my steps. Post kids, there is a good chance they’re anywhere from the bottom of a toy box to in the tupperware cabinet to the laundry basket (or in the bathroom).  Furniture does not stay put and I’m really surprised that my 2 year old hasn’t figured out how to stack the chairs on top of the table but I give her till the age of 3 before she figures out that one. I’ve found yogurt drops arranged artfully on the wall (sadly this took us several days to notice since they were literally the exact same color as the paint) that must be the work of poltergeist  since my two year old swears it wasn’t her and her sister doesn’t have the height quite yet.

Because why wouldn't I leave a selection of shoes in the bathroom?


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