I gotta be honest, even though I ran cross country and track in high school, I’m not naturally drawn to running like I am to swimming. Enter the most awesome 5K race ever, the Run for Your Life 5K. Since I love Zombies, this race is a natural fit for me. Instead of just going out and competing though, me and the husband are going to do a shift as Chaser Zombies (we get to go after flags a la flag football) and then run the course for fun. Somehow training to be a Zombie is a hell of a lot more fun then just training for a 5K.

Check out the Florida map for the race...mmmm brains

The video alone looks like epic amounts of sloppy Zombie fun. Check out all the cities that have races coming up, the Orlando race isn’t until November so in the interim I’m going to have to brush up on my favorite Zombie movies as part of my training…Shaun of the Dead anyone?


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