Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel Review

I had been running with handhelds and realized that I had my first trail race around the corner and the last thing I wanted to do was to have something in my hands (that’s what she said). This was mostly because the last training run I did, I tripped over a tree root when I jumped over a stream and nearly broke my wrist trying to not land on my […]


Training for the Apocalypse

I gotta be honest, even though I ran cross country and track in high school, I’m not naturally drawn to running like I am to swimming. Enter the most awesome 5K race ever, the Run for Your Life 5K. Since I love Zombies, this race is a natural fit for me. Instead of just going out and competing though, me and the husband are going to do a shift as Chaser […]



Hi, my name is Brie and I’m addicted to photo apps. You would think the fact that I have Photoshop and Aperture at my disposal would mean that I would shun the use of photo apps, but I have a slew of them on my iPhone and I puffy heart them because they’re fun to play with and quick and dirty and I like to layer different ones on the […]