Holy crap, why didn’t someone tell me it was August? That means I have a little over 3 months before the Run For Your Life 5K, which seems like a long time to train until I realized that costumes are involved. We  are going to be doing a shift as chaser Zombies, followed by a later wave for the obstacle course/run. Orlando has ready reached maximum Zombie sign ups for the November race and past cities have had some great Zombie costumes so now I’m trying to think of something that is both awesome and yet nimble enough for me to hunt down the poor bastards who get in my way.

We’re lucky that our race is post Halloween so the option to get some costumes at low low prices is appealing but so far all the costumes look like I’d be guaranteed a stray boob popping out if I even attempted to run in them (even with my heavy duty sports bra). So I had this great idea to go as a Zombie cheerleader but get a vintage uniform instead of a “Naughty Cheerleader” costume. Which would be great if they made uniforms back then in size “mom of two kids”. Heck, I don’t even think 17 year old me who ran 6 miles a day could fit in some of these things and past me wore a size 4 circa 1990 when a 4 wasn’t a 8 (yeah Old Navy the jig is up, I am NOT still a size 4 thanks).

Which is leading me back to one of my original ideas of Zombie Soccer Mom. I thought a Juicy tracksuit with Juicy on the sweatshirt part and then getting “BRAINS” added to the butt would be hilarious. Until I saw how much a used Juicy tracksuit went for and then I laughed so hard I peed a little.

Juicy brains nom nom nom

Plus with the mud and fake blood, I’m pretty sure that velour would become heavy as hell and I’d just look like a yuppie runner that didn’t dress up to begin with. So now I’m trolling the interwebs looking for an awesome and yet run-able costume, too bad I can’t just Photoshop a costume (see photo of my hubby above).



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