I know I just recently shared how much I love vinyl decals from Sissy Little, but we have a new addition in our house and I just couldn’t wait to share it.  Since slowly but surely my daughter is stripping off the Tangled stickers from her wall, some new real estate opened up and I was able to add this amazing decal in the corner of her room. It incorporated nicely with the remaining load bearing stickers (aka Mommy is trying to be lazy and not repaint yet again) and I was able to incorporate the practice decal that comes with every decal as well. I added some hanging lanterns that we used in instead of balloons for the one year old’s birthday and voila a reading nook was born. As a difficulty rating, the line drawing is actually a little tricker to install then some of the other’s I’ve tackled but it is so freaking cute, it was worth the little bit of extra time and care to make sure the installation went smoothly (aka Daddy was on niblet patrol so Mommy could work).

I matched the colors to my daughter’s name that I put on the wall before she was born (teal and chocolate brown) and it really makes the room feel a bit  more girlie considering my two year old does in fact have a giant pirate ship in her room LOL (thank you Craigslist). C’mon could anyone pass up on a giant pirate ship?

Reading corner

Gratuitous Pirate Ship Photo

Ships aside, my daughter actually asked me if the little girl was her and if Mommy drew it, which I thought was pretty cute. As I didn’t want to inspire further crayon art in places it shouldn’t be, I did let her know that Mommy did not in fact doodle on the walls.


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