We recently traded in our Honda CRV for a Jetta Sportwagen TDI based on fact that the TDI clean diesel got about a billion and five more miles to the gallon then the CRV and with lower interest rates and new warranty, a newer car was going to be cheaper to run then our previous one. I love having the smaller wagon style car since it is easier to load the girls in and out and the roof rack will be awesome around the holidays when we finally have something to lash the Christmas tree too. However, our other car is a Honda Fit that was my baby way before we become parents, and now that it has two car seats in, it “fits” about two things…jack and squat. (and jack left town).

This wouldn’t be an issue except that I am a bargain hunting mama. I get a lot of items for the niblets second hand -playhouses, a climber, a glider rocker chair, the odd pirate ship (ok that one, Daddy and Mommy wanted more then the niblets I think), and even a BOB stroller at a garage sale once, and I LOOOOVE hunting down antiques and vintage. However, I am now limited by what I can fit in a hatchback or dependent on seller’s ability or willingness to deliver.  A couple month back, I was barely able to fit a set of brand new Vintage Samsonite luggage (complete with train case) that I scored at a garage sale for less then 20 bucks, and believe me, I was going to strap these suckers to my back and WALK if I had to (vintage buttercream brand new with tags, c’mon).

I puffy heart vintage



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