And we're back

Sorry for the excessive time between posts, but our family relocated from Florida to Virginia in the span between post holidays and now. Moving with 2 toddlers cross country (is that far enough to be considered cross country) was uh…interesting. I had a week of attempting to pack up the house while the hubby was working in VA (thank goodness I had the best babysitter ever in FL) and then […]



I’ve officially become the sort of yuppie asshole parent that waits in line for 3 hours just to see the “good” Santa. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that there WAS such a thing as a 3-4 hour wait to see Santa except in that scene in A Christmas Story. We had heard that the Mall at Millenia Santa was the best and that the lines could be long. […]


Fa la la la la la la la la

I think it is safe to admit I may have issues. While my neighbors are decorating their lawns with lights and blow up decorations, I’ve found myself strangely obsessed with blow form plastic decorations (the tackeir the better) and flamingos. Specifically these flamingos. I want to put hats on them and wrap them with lights and sometimes move them around to too the side of the house to stare in […]


Damn You Viagra

I spotted this bus on the road today. While I understand that men have a shorter lifespan then women on average and that there is a good chance that the male/female ratio skews to more women to men then men to women, but does this bastard have to look so smug as he has 3 women draped all over him? I can only hope that my kids will send me […]


The gas friendly vehicle's lament

We recently traded in our Honda CRV for a Jetta Sportwagen TDI based on fact that the TDI clean diesel got about a billion and five more miles to the gallon then the CRV and with lower interest rates and new warranty, a newer car was going to be cheaper to run then our previous one. I love having the smaller wagon style car since it is easier to load […]


Phone Book People

Like most people, I’m always vaguely annoyed when a phone book lands on my doorstep. The phone book is pretty much just a waste of paper to me, since it lacks the ability to check reviews (Yelp has pretty much ruined me for life). However, I always assumed it just showed up out of some dude’s van or crawled forth out of the ground like a Stephen King novel. Turns […]