I’ve noticed lately that raising a toddler is sort of like living with that creepy kid from the old Twilight Zone show that could wish people into the cornfield.

They’re sort of “trying” to do the right thing but sometimes miss it by a mile and you have to walk a fine line between crushing their tiny little spirits and helping them to learn how to do things better without hitting a nuclear toddler meltdown.  For instance, my daughter has discovered the joy of using those little flossy picks to floss her teeth. Which is awesome, yay dental hygiene and all. However, tonight she got into the drawer that had them and proceeded to use one for each tooth and then put them back in the package (all together now….ewwww). I literally ended up saying something similar to the Twilight Zone. “Honey it is a GOOD thing that you flossed your teeth, but maybe next time, we only need to use one”. This was on the heels of “Wow it is a GOOD thing you washed your hands after using the potty, but let’s not paint the walls with the soap” (note to self Method foamy soap sticks to the wall a little too damn well).  I assume I’m in the clear for either of my kids having any gnarly powers, but should my head end up as a jack in the box, well then apparently I was wrong.



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