This evening my husband called me from the living room where I was nursing our 10 month old post bedtime.  My oldest coming out of the bath, had snagged the suction cups off the bath toy storage net thingy and had attached them to her chest.

Daddy said to her, “so tell Mommy what those are.”

Niblet grabbed them and proudly answered, “Sissy’s boobies! Can Sissy have some of my boobies?”

It took a second to realize that she wanted to breastfeed her sister. Of course this is what we get from referring to breastfeeding as “Time for Boobies”…hilarity…shear hilarity.  I’m actually kind of flattered that she wants to imitate nursing, truth be told. Between the two of them, I have been pregnant or nursing for over 3 years and though I do publicly nurse under a cover (and once with my oldest, under a pirate flag) I nurse openly around the house so boobage has become blase around my home for sure.

Say ARRR for Boobies


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