Taking a toddler into Target is a crap shoot. I never know if I’m going to get the adorably charming 2 year old that is so well behaved that we get compliments on her behavior or her alter ego Karma’s Revenge (aka my own mother starts smiling to herself for some unknown reason that is me getting her payback from when I was a tyke). Today was a Karma’s Revenge kind of day and despite several time outs we ran the gamut from getting a time out for trying to smack Mommy to her favorite game of ha-ha-ha-ha see if you can catch me. Normally I would shchlep her hiney out of the store asap but since they both needed shoes and we were out of milk, I tried a new approach. She needed shoes but wasn’t behaving so she got…CROCS! Little sister got adorable silver sandles and big sis was punished for her tantrum by having to wear bright pink frankenstein shoes. I’m totally going to enact this policy for the future…I think it will be super successful around say..middle to high school.

Now I’m sure someone out there is going to be a little upset that I am mocking Crocs and as someone who loves Uggs I understand that sometimes we fall to the siren song of footwear that has been denounced as fugly, based on comfort alone (you will have to pry my Uggs off my cold dead feet before I give them up and dammit I do think they are adorable)…but yeah the shoes above are still hella ugly, even for a toddler.

Update: This failed on so many levels because it turns out that she LOVES the Crocs and refuses to wear any other shoe. I guess that is what happens when a shoe looks like a Jellybean.


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