Welcome to the Toddler Thunderdome

Dear past me, when you had this mental image of your sweet girls holding hands and playing dolls together? Yeah…have fun with that. My girls are now 3 1/2 and 2 and some days they do play well together and I look at them fondly and think “we should TOTALLY have a 3rd” (my husband says nay) and then they sprout little horns under their halos and start fighting like […]


2 Year old Honey Badger

Ah the terrific twos. Something we didn’t really appreciate so much when we had a two year old and an infant. It seems the differences between my first born and my second are so much more apparent with a 3 year old and a 2 year old. We fondly call our 2 year old Honey Badger since at 2 year old, Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit. 3 year old: […]


An apology

Dear neighbors, I know we’re new and we’re trying to get used to this whole town house thing and as such there has been a learning curve in living so close to other people. My girls LOVE the bay window and as I’m sure as you have noticed….have not figured out that dancing naked on the window seat is not shall we say…proper. The same goes for the 2nd story […]


The Mom Curse

Did your mom ever give you the curse? Usually bestowed upon a child (usually a daughter) when she is being such a rampant pain in the ass (middle school – college in my case) that the words “I hope you have a daughter JUST LIKE YOU” are bandied about like little mom-ism missiles. I of course, smug little ass that I was, would retort snappily “HA, the joke is on you […]


Punishment By Shoes

Taking a toddler into Target is a crap shoot. I never know if I’m going to get the adorably charming 2 year old that is so well behaved that we get compliments on her behavior or her alter ego Karma’s Revenge (aka my own mother starts smiling to herself for some unknown reason that is me getting her payback from when I was a tyke). Today was a Karma’s Revenge […]