Beauty I Can't Be Without

1. Lavinila Healthy Deodorant I stumbled on this at Whole Foods and after much hemming and hawing at plunking down 14 bucks on pit stick, I decided to give it a go. Paraben and Aluminum free I was 99% sure it would end up banished to my medicine cabinet with the rest of stink inducing failures that I’ve tried (Tom’s of Maine, I’m looking at you). I was blown away […]


Hooray for Hurraw!

I started using Hurraw! when I discovered their amazing black cherry tinted lip balm at Wegmans. Since then I had moved through the coconut lip balm and was pondering what other colors were available when a swift Google opened me to the wonders of their website . Made with all natural, vegan, and raw ingredients, these lip balms are in a word…amazing. My go to favorite is the black cherry which […]


EOS Alice in Wonderland Review

I had to get sneaky to record this review for the EOS Alice in Wonderland lip set. My two year old is going through a lip balm phase where she wants to put on whatever Mama does, but I only let her put on the clear, non shiny balms. I use organic lip products so there is no guilt, but given half a chance she’ll go through almost a container […]


Honeybee Gardens Lipstick Review

Here goes my first attempt at a video review and with no eye makeup on to boot (I didn’t want to clash with the lipsticks). Here are the 3 newest lipstick colors from Honeybee Gardens.


Review: Sweetsation Therapy

I am a lying liar…well when it comes to my age anyway. Whenever anyone refers to me by my real age, my inner monologue goes something like this…LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA…OHHHH look a butterfly (my inner monologue also apparently has ADD). I started telling people I was 25 as a joke around the time I hit 29. However, now that I’ve been with my husband […]


Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Review

Many years (more then I’d care to admit) ago, my husband, then boyfriend, used to complain whenever I painted my nails. He would swear up and down that anything that smelled so bad, couldn’t possibly be healthy to use. Of course I did what any sane and rational woman would do, I asked Dr. Google, and dammit, if the man wasn’t right (you know…for once…love you baby). Thus began my […]


Honeybee Gardens Eye Shadow Palettes

One thing I always bemoaned when making the transition to all natural skincare from my previous addiction to its chemical laden breatheren was the loss of the candy coated colors that were offered to me by companies like Urban Decay and Mac. Determined to not lose my style in the transition, I tried many natural pigments that looked deliciously bright in the container but either faded or smudged and smeared […]