Shady Kirby

As a mom of two toddlers, we do a nap time avoidance dance of epic proportions every afternoon. I time naps around deliveries so that the dog won’t bark while they’re sleeping and if he’s in a particular vocal mood, I pop him in the master bath so he won’t go all Cujo if a squirrel lays foot in our yard. So you can image that I was less then pleased when […]


Dear Netflix (mini rant)

I understand that you’re having some issues with losing content what with the Starz deal going bye and all but lately I feel like you have been going down the crapper so to speak. We did have the DVD service, but when you split that into two separate entities, we canceled the DVD and added Hulu Plus in addition to our Amazon Prime. We currently have no less then 9 […]



Let me preface this by saying we make our own organic baby food, I puffy heart my Beaba Baby Cook and am all about the baby snuggles. But this video of Alicia Silverstone chewing up her vegan food and then letting her son eat out of her mouth? Um, no. Not to mention the title she has “Bear eating my mouth” which sounds like either the title of a horror film […]