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Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel Review

I had been running with handhelds and realized that I had my first trail race around the corner and the last thing I wanted to do was to have something in my hands (that’s what she said). This was mostly because the last training run I did, I tripped over a tree root when I jumped over a stream and nearly broke my wrist trying to not land on my […]


2 Year old Honey Badger

Ah the terrific twos. Something we didn’t really appreciate so much when we had a two year old and an infant. It seems the differences between my first born and my second are so much more apparent with a 3 year old and a 2 year old. We fondly call our 2 year old Honey Badger since at 2 year old, Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit. 3 year old: […]


I <3 BOB

Last week as I took the girls for a run around the 4.5 mile lake trail near our home, it occurred to me that while I ruminated on our used strollers, I never actually wrote a review for our current stroller now. So what did we end up going with? We caved and sold the City Mini and bought the BOB SE duallie and never looked back. Places where we’ve […]


Awesome Con DC

Know what happens when 2 geeks meet and fall in love and produce 2 geeklings? Eventually you expose them to their first Con, which for us will be Awesome Con DC. Considering that my 3 year old begs to watch Futurama and has dubbed Batman Beyond as “cute”, I’m thinking this is going to be an epic event for Crayon Casa. Awesome Con DC Is Almost Here WASHINGTON, D.C., April […]


Classic Merida Doll Review

Generally, I expect problems with some of the licensed Disney stuff, but not Parks products and items brought from Disney Store  or Disney Store online. This Merida doll though is frustrating me since all our other Disney dolls are great and have stayed in amazing shape despite being played with (though some of clothes do need touch ups now and then…naked Rapunzel I’m talking to you). Check out the video […]


An apology

Dear neighbors, I know we’re new and we’re trying to get used to this whole town house thing and as such there has been a learning curve in living so close to other people. My girls LOVE the bay window and as I’m sure as you have noticed….have not figured out that dancing naked on the window seat is not shall we say…proper. The same goes for the 2nd story […]


Damn You Viagra

I spotted this bus on the road today. While I understand that men have a shorter lifespan then women on average and that there is a good chance that the male/female ratio skews to more women to men then men to women, but does this bastard have to look so smug as he has 3 women draped all over him? I can only hope that my kids will send me […]


Here Comes Mama

I debated on whether or not this post was appropriate to my site, but have decided to risk sounding like a submission from STFU Parents. We finally have gotten our two year old potty trained which is wonderful, except she now wants to have conversations while she’s pooping…which is how THIS little gem was recorded. Considering she actually waves goodbye to all her deposits, I guess I could have tried to control […]


Sissy Little Review

Hello, my name is Brie and I’m addicted to decals. It started off innocently enough, I had purchased a set of Sissy Little Decals from Kid Steals and after waiting a tortuous two weeks for our newly painted playroom to dry, I hopped on a step stool and applied my gateway decal. I’ve purchased what I will now dub as “lesser” decals before, so I consider myself a little bit […]


Toddler Tuesday

In the past two days: My two year old uncovered from the deep down depths of my diaper bag, a hidden (and long forgotten) bag of Trader Joe Gummy bears that had literally 4 left in the bag…of course she crammed these in her mouth on the way to the dentist. Afore mentioned child has also given herself a swirly. Yes, a swirly. My child stuck her entire head INTO the […]