Fitbit Flex Review Updated:

Updated: My Flex died less then two moths later. The unit stopped charging. Since Fitbit’s customer service requires you to mail the old one in and wait for a new one to get mailed back, I’ll be without any of my data for the immediate future, which means I’ll have the colored bands here but no actual Fitbit. I no longer recommend this product and changed my mind in purchasing […]


Classic Merida Doll Review

Generally, I expect problems with some of the licensed Disney stuff, but not Parks products and items brought from Disney Store  or Disney Store online. This Merida doll though is frustrating me since all our other Disney dolls are great and have stayed in amazing shape despite being played with (though some of clothes do need touch ups now and then…naked Rapunzel I’m talking to you). Check out the video […]


Guest Post: Barnes & Noble... Do they know their "authorized sellers?"

Barnes & Noble and Amazon, it’s almost like comparing apples and oranges except apples and oranges do share some similarities. Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon sell books and they both sell e reader tablets but that is where the similarities end. Amazon will stand behind you if you have any issues. They will also question their resellers when you have issues with them and give you information on them […]