This pretty much sums it up

Sorry for the excessive time between posts, but our family relocated from Florida to Virginia in the span between post holidays and now. Moving with 2 toddlers cross country (is that far enough to be considered cross country) was uh…interesting. I had a week of attempting to pack up the house while the hubby was working in VA (thank goodness I had the best babysitter ever in FL) and then he flew back down on moving day and we took the auto train up as a family (more on that later). Our stuff just arrived on Monday so we’ve been slowly digging out. The only fun thing left to do in Florida is to rent out our house but so if anyone is looking for a property in the Lake Mary area, let me know LOL.

The crayon should be back in full form once we’re semi unpacked (have I mentioned I can’t find my damn shoes). So far VA is nice in that I finally have an excuse to wear the copious amounts of Ugg boots that I ashamedly owned as a former Floridian (hey if you crank down the AC low enough it is chilly enough to wear them).


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